You have 1 Month to Get it Right

Today is December 1st which means we’re finally putting the Christmas lights up, warming the fireplaces and thinking ahead to those tricky New Year’s resolutions. As the year comes to a close I’ve noticed many people on social media discuss how 2018 “wasn’t their year” or maybe they could “try again next year.” But, the problem with those statements is that I see them every year around this time. It’s almost like, is any year going to be “your year”Read more

Fall Fashion: How I Style Blazers

Hey girl hey! It’s been getting cooler outside so last week I started pulling out my cool weather clothes. Sweaters…jackets… you know, the usual. As I was rummaging through storage bins, I realized I own A LOT of blazers. One blazer in particular, has been a piece in my closet since high school (2010 to be exact) but I’ll have another post about that later.  While pulling my blazers out, I realized that they are a staple that have stood theRead more

Poetry Picks: “For Telling the Truth Even When It Hurts”

Welcome back for another Poetry Pick Sunday! I really enjoy bringing you all of these poets and their beautiful pieces because I know I can’t be the only person that still enjoys poetry. It’s such a great way to use words, diction, tone and emotion to convey a message or feeling.  This week’s piece is particularly emotional. It’s by a poet that goes by the name of Honey Sanaa. Take a look…Read more

Fall Fashion: How to Style Prints

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with the latest fashion trends and I wondered how I could express that love. Then it dawned on me that this blog is a reflection of me. Not only in thought but in physical form as well. I used to do a bit of fashion writing over at Freelancer Mag so why not just bring that fashion writing over to my own blog? This past weekend I played with styling two piece sets and prints. All overRead more

Poetry Picks: “For the Blonde Girl and the Classrooms of Ghosts”

Happy Sunday! I hope this past week was filled with joy for you. As we roll into another week, I’m bringing you a new Poetry Pick. Many of you may not know but I am currently a student at a PWI (predominantly white institution) and there are so many moments I question the thinking and rationale of my white counterparts when they make certain remarks. However, I learned early on that many of them just don’t know what’s offensive and whatRead more

I Need Your Help

Today I’m bringing you something that is very near and dear to my heart. At the end of 2016, I had my first Christmas Drive for the Tallahassee, Fl community. That year, we distributed gifts to the homeless shelter and Lighthouse Children’s home. Last year, the drive raised $800 for gifts and this time we were able to give a lot more to the homeless shelter and children’s home. This year we want to continue to be able to giftRead more

We Can’t Make America Great Again

Today has been difficult for me. Last night as I watched the midterm election results pour in, the hope and joy I felt of the possible restoration of America as I once knew it was quickly replaced by a deep sadness. I, like many people last night, expected a “blue wave” or the overwhelming election of Democratic candidates. When I realized that the “blue wave” wasn’t coming, I was overcome with a heavy sense of gloom and helplessness. When IRead more

7 Reasons You Should Vote Today

Today is a very important day. It’s November 6th, Election Day! That means for every citizen of the United States that is of voting age and eligibility, you have the opportunity to be apart of history. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how important this election is for all of us. But just in case you needed an extra push… Here are 7 reasons you should vote today. You get to show these elected leaders you actually care about what’s goingRead more

Poetry Picks: “On Emotional Labor”

Hello good people! It’s Sunday and you know on Sundays I bring you my favorite Poetry Picks.  Today’s poem is by Janae Johnson. If I were ever at a loss for words on how Black women are treated, this poem would be the perfect explanation. Press play…    Read more