Monday Motivation: Fall Forward

Happy Monday! Today I am bringing you a motivational video featuring Denzel Washington. One thing he said that I will take with me through this week is: “Every failed experiment is one step closer to success.” This week, remember that failure is inevitable but if you keep trying, eventually you’ll  breakthrough. Also, the ghost analogy he speaks of in the video is a great idea to carry with you throughout this week as you strive to move closer to your goals.  Press play:Read more

Poetry Picks: “Knock Knock”

I know it’s late… However, I still wanted to post a Sunday Poetry Pick. Today, I wanted the poem to be a bit of a throwback so this pick is from Def Jam Poetry. The poet is Daniel Beaty and the poem is titled, “Knock Knock”.  Press play…    Read more

Need Help Learning to Pray?

When I was in undergrad at Florida A&M University, I was a regular at the library. One day, two of my guy friends joined me in a study room and as we usually tended to do, we joked and laughed about the normal college things. Well about 5 minutes into the conversation, one of them got really serious (he wasn’t known to be like this) and he said, “Shaakira, can I ask you a question?” Of course I said yes, andRead more

Poetry Picks: “My Honest Poem”

Happy Sunday! One of my favorite things here on the blog is Poetry Pick Sunday’s. On these days I feature poets and their poems that I’ve grown to enjoy. Rudy Francisco has been featured here 2 other times and you can find those poems here: Poetry Picks: “Your God” & Poetry Picks: If I was a Love Poet Today, I’m sharing this poem entitled: “My Honest Poem” Press play…    Read more

Never Fold Under Pressure

It’s currently 5:09 a.m. and I’m in the airport. I came to Miami Wednesday evening to see J. Cole in concert and now I am preparing to leave and return to my regular routine back home. It’s always nice to get away for a few days even if you don’t do much during that time. I caught up on some much-needed sleep, watched shows that gave me major nostalgia like Sister, Sister, The Parkers, and my favorite Moesha. To some thatRead more

How I Passed the GRE (The First Time)

So, I’ve had the intention of writing this blog post for over a year now. (Procrastination sucks) However, today felt like I should finally get around to it. I took the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) in February of 2017. I’d just applied to a graduate school that offered a nice program for what I wanted to study. Also, I’d just graduated from Florida A&M University 2 months prior with a degree in Business Administration and minor in Public Relations. My finalRead more

You Are Your Only Competition

Hey y’all! Today I’m back with a little motivation for you and this time it’s coming from one of the original Kings of Comedy, Bernie Mac. The late comedian was known for making us laugh until we cry but I think his words of wisdom sometimes go unnoticed. I found an interview from the Oprah show where he gives us some of those gems. One thing he said that resonated with me was: “I’m not in competition with anybody… IRead more

Style Star: ChloexHalle

  Welcome back to Style Stars! If you recall the last Style Star entry, you may remember the reference to these lyrics: “Watch out world I’m grown nowwww!” The lyrics are from the intro song to the hit show, ‘Grownish’ but the intro song is from the album of sisters Chloe and Halle. The duo began on YouTube singing covers of hit songs in their room and backyard, sometimes with guitars in hand or piano keyboards present. They soon attracted the attentionRead more

Book Review: Barracoon (The Story of the Last Black Cargo)

What’s up y’all? I hope you’re doing well and drinking an adequate amount of water. Remember in the last book review I was telling you how I’d been slacking on my reading list for the year? Well, the good news is I’m almost on a roll now because I just finished a new book. This one is by Zora Neale Hurston and it’s titled, ‘Barracoon: The Story of the last “Black Cargo”‘. As you can imagine from the title, theRead more