Poetry Picks: I Waited For You

Last week’s poetry pick was by a poet named Janette. The poem was about how she would wait for the person that God destined for her. Well… years after performing that poem, she had a follow-up at her wedding. She performed, ‘I waited for you’, at the aisle to her husband. Take a look…   AdvertisementsRead more

The November Wallpaper is Here!

For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to do something special for my readers. Personally, I change my wallpapers and screen savers often and maybe you do as well. If so, I think you’ll love this. So…each month, I’ll be releasing new wallpapers for your phones and computers! I want to ensure that they are cute and inspirational so that you have something to see as a constant reminder throughout the month. This month’s wallpaper features a quote thatRead more

Tracee Ellis Ross’s Holiday Collection!!

When we think of Tracee Ellis Ross, we may label her- daughter of Diana Ross, actress, model, and all around cool girl, but there’s one classification that we often overlook. Fashion and Style Icon. Honestly, Tracee doesn’t get the credit that she deserves when it comes to her trendy style. Of course we praise her hair, humor, and ability to relate to the “average person” but it’s not very often that we realize that she is truly a statement maker in theRead more

Poetry Picks: ‘Friends with Benefits’

This week’s poetry pick is by Jae Nichelle. I stumbled upon this piece by happenstance after leaving class last week. As I walked to my car I listened to her personify her anxiety in using a friends with benefits relationship. It immediately resonated with me because I could relate to many of things she said. For example, being quiet while I fight internally with what I’m thinking. For any others out there that are plagued by the constant whispering ofRead more

Poetry Picks: ‘In the Depths of Solitude’

So if you noticed that I missed last week’s Poetry Pick, you’re amazing and thank you for being so attentive. I got a little caught up and missed the post but this week we’re back with one of my favorite poets. Although he is mostly known for his tumultuous rap career, Tupac was a great poet. This piece is from a book of his poems, ‘The Rose that Grew from Concrete’. Read more

10 Halloween Movies to Watch Today!

First of all, Happy Halloween! Today is the day that we watch horror movies, pig out on candy, and scare people without any judgement. In celebration of this occasion, I wanted to give you a list of movies that you can watch tonight whether you’re alone, with friends, or family. These movies range from scary, funny, and animated so there’s something for everyone. Check them out below: Hocus Pocus (Scary Rating 🎃) My childhood wouldn’t be the same without this movie. TheseRead more

Poetry Picks: We Made It

This week’s poetry pick is by the poet, Sunni Patterson. She performed this piece, ‘We Made It’, on Def Poetry Jam a few years ago. Sadly, the words of the poem are still relevant to the current times that we are living in. Press play…Read more

Poetry Picks: ‘Harlem’

This week’s poetry pick is by Langston Hughes. He had a prominent influence on the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s. Hughes was different from other poets of the time because instead of writing poetry with hidden or obscure meanings, he wrote about the struggles and lives of African Americans. This poem is my favorite of his, ‘Harlem’. (I’ve placed both the written poem and a video below.) Press play…Read more

5 Fall Shows You NEED to Watch

Scripted television is finally on the rise again! I don’t know about you, but I was getting tired of the reality tv shenanigans. There’s only so many table flips and drink throws a girl can take. So as you can imagine, I’ve been throughly pleased with the resurgence of television that requires actual writers, directors, and sets. If you’re like me, then you may want to check out these shows for the fall season. (Also, if you want to continue toRead more