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Poetry Picks: “On Emotional Labor”

Hello good people! It’s Sunday and you know on Sundays I bring you my favorite Poetry Picks.  Today’s poem is by Janae Johnson. If I were ever at a loss for words on how Black women are treated, this poem would be the perfect explanation. Press play…    

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Poetry Picks: To Be Black & Woman & Alive

Happy Sunday! Today’s poetry pick is coming from Crystal Valentine and Aaliyah Jihad. It’s an amazing piece that really doesn’t need much of an introduction. I hope that you enjoy. Watch below: (Contains explicit content)

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What ‘Black Panther’ taught us about Black Women

If you were amongst those that piled into theaters this past weekend to see the long awaited Marvel film, ‘Black Panther‘, I’m sure of a few things. I know you waited in a line. I know there was at least one crying child in your theatre. I know you witnessed the show of African inspired […]

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