The Beginning…

Introductions are always the hardest part…

I’ve never been one for introductions. In my mind, hellos eventually, turn into goodbyes. But the goodbyes shouldn’t determine whether or not to start a relationship, its the journey in between that counts. I’ve inevitably learned something from every person  that has gone and come in and out of  my life. No matter how minuscule their role may have seemed, there was always a lesson waiting to be learned. Some lessons have taken me years after the goodbye to finally register. While other lessons were harder to learn than most.

For example, it wasn’t until  after my cousin Kenneth Smith passed in a car accident three days after I saw him, that I truly valued saying “I love you” to my family and friends.

So this, is my introduction to you. I am Shaakira White, a third year student at the esteemed Florida A&M University. I’ve always loved writing but when I began college I just could not find the time or energy. I’ve decided it’s time that I rekindled the love I have for my past hobbies and here’s the start.

This blog was named ‘From Queen to Queens’ because my middle name, ‘Raanee’ means queen, and I believe that all women are queens in their own right. Everything I post is coming from my heart, to all of you.

I look forward to this journey, and I hope that you do also.

From Me to You, Love.


Shaakira White

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