I want to hear from YOU…

Have you ever questioned your existence?

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “Why am I here?”.

Guess what? We’ve ALL had these thoughts, and if someone says they haven’t, trust me, they will eventually. It’s easy to question your purpose when everyday becomes a routine. Wake up, go to school/work, eat dinner, sleep, wake up and do it all again. Repetitive actions develop complacent minds. It isn’t until you grow tired of the normal routine and reflect on things that you may realize what it is you’re here to accomplish. What’s stopping you from being great?

Shaakira White

4 thoughts on “I want to hear from YOU…

    1. THANK YOU! I will be sure to read up on yours, and I have had the same thoughts before. I’m working on a article to expound on this one. That’s why I included the poll. I hope you can read it when it posts 🙂


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