Saying what needs to be said


I try to leave my blog as unbiased as possible. Simply because I want this to be a place where races and religions aren’t taken into consideration because we’re all people. But at some point in time, certain things have to be addressed. We’ve grown to be so afraid of what’s politically correct and what’s not, that we censor our thoughts and feelings and mold them to be acceptable to society.  However, at what point do we as a people (African Americans) stand together and say “this is enough.” We can’t be joined together because we’re too busy fighting each other on all fronts. We’re the only people who can’t get along for anything because we have our own personal vendettas that we can’t let go of for 2 seconds. When someone dies in our community we stand together for a month and think we’ve accomplished something. No, we haven’t.

We can post party flyers all day and night on social media but can’t acknowledge the death of an innocent 17-year-old male being gunned down because ‘it’s “not cool”. Do you want to know what’s really “not cool”? Us being ignorant about the things that are happening in our own community, with our OWN PEOPLE. It’s actually sad! But we let it fly by and one day, if it hits our own homes, we’ll want everyone to support us. Where were you when others needed you? Trayvon Martin’s parents… Sean Bell’s fiance… Jordan Davis’s parents… and now, Mike Brown’s family.

We used to stand for something. Our ancestors didn’t die, get arrested, and fight for us to  be complacent with where we are. No. They fought for us to have equality and the same rights that are afforded to everyone else. We’re legally equals… but in mindsets and social equality, we’re behind… tremendously.
What will you do? Will you stand up?

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” – Malcolm X

Shaakira White

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