The Here & Now


It’s funny how one occurrence in our lives can change us drastically. One day we’re carrying on business as usual and the next, we’re almost completely new beings. As you know by know, recently I’ve reached some hurdles in life and instead of jumping them and continuing on about my race, I stopped running. I’ve jumped so many hurdles lately that honestly, I’ve gotten tired of the race. It’s hard to enjoy life when your main focus is what’s ahead instead of the here and now. In simple terms, I haven’t been able to stop and smell the roses.

What an awful existence it is to live for tomorrow instead of today.

The here and now is all that we have. This very second, of this very minute, of this hour. A minute that we won’t experience again. So I challenge you with this; today, spend some time to take in your surroundings. When you’re walking to class or work, recognize the beauty of today. The winds that are blowing, the way the sun peaks through the clouds… you can even witness someone laughing and realize how miraculously beautiful life is. Right in the here and now.


Shaakira White

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