An Open Letter to My Sisters…

It’s 2015… 

You have new year’s resolutions to keep, birthday parties to plan, places to go and people to see. But before you get swept up into all of the things that are going to occur this year, I just want to talk to you, sister to sister.

As women, it becomes too easy to look down on the next individual because of what she may not have that we do. It’s also extremely easy to place other women on pedestals for what it seems like they possess from the outside looking in. It’s time out for that. Not only did God place no man (in this case woman) above you but in addition to that, he didn’t make you better than anyone else either. You may be in college with no kids, which is a great accomplishment, but what I want you to realize is that the girl you went to high school with back home who may be on child #2 isn’t any less of a woman than you are.

Stop downing people to make yourself feel better. “You’ll never shine throwing shade.”

While we’re on the topic of women with children… as much as I wanted to leave this topic alone, my spirit won’t let me. I really wish that we would stop idealizing women who have had children with entertainers to gain a few minutes of fame. This past week Amber Rose set Instagram on fire in a skimpy string of an outfit. To be honest, calling it an “outfit” is a stretch, it was more like a rubber band. If you haven’t seen it, here it is.  Call me old school… but not only was her attire inappropriate but it was even more of a disappointment being that she is a mother. Many women reposted the picture saying how “good” she looked with heart eyes as the caption. It made me wonder what happened to admiring women of substance? Are we so far gone that we see Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose as ideals to achieve rather than Michelle Obama (who looked absolutely gorgeous at the State of the Union address, might headache-triggers-woman-400x400I add) and  Keshia Knight Pulliam who have presented themselves in ways that SHOULD be the ideal. I’ll leave that there for the time being because it gives me a headache just thinking about it.

Moving on, have you seen the show ‘Sorority Sisters’? It’s cancelled now but when it was on, it brought shame upon the Greek and African-American communities. Greek life, (something that was formulated to bond people of similar ideas and thoughts), was illustrated on television as something so ugly. The show really mocked the idea of sisterhood. As a member of a sorority and an African-American woman, I was extremely disappointed. But it made me think. With ‘Sorority Sisters’, I watched the first episode and i refused to watch any other ones so that they would not get my viewer count. I was adamant about my disapproval of the show and the mockery it placed cast-sorority-girlsupon sororities. However, why can’t I be the same way about all other reality television shows that show black women in a negative light? I watch ‘BCG’, “Real Housewives’, and ‘Love & Hip-Hop’, all of which have done their share of destruction. Is it ok for these shows to continue but for ‘Sorority Sisters’ not to just because the image they portrayed was consequently turning into the image of all sororities? If that’s the case, the other shows should be removed also right? I mean, they do cause destruction of the image of black women. Not to say that I’m not going to watch those shows again, (they’re addicting) but someone always tells me, “admittance is the first step”. So maybe now that I can admit it, maybe I can cut back slowly in watching the negativity.

We’ll finish this talk a little later sis.

From Me to You, Love.

Shaakira White

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  1. Sister to Sister ❤️ the fact that you are even writing to express is noteworthy and speaks volumes… no matter your opinion you are courageous for sharing. thanks beautiful black woman for being fearless.

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