Summer Relaunch + Updates

It’s pretty apparent that I haven’t been active on here. I’ve had a lot going on lately (although that’s probably not an acceptable excuse). I’ve really tried to write but it usually turns into me staring at a blank screen and wrestling with what words to type.

Now that it’s summer time, I have a little free time to force myself to write. But you all know that I don’t like putting out anything that isn’t of substance for the sake of saying I’ve posted something. In other words, I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program later this month/the beginning of June.

This time around, I really want to play with a few ideas. I added videos to the lineup but I also want to make it more personable for you all (I won’t disclose just how yet). I’m excited for it and I hope that you will be also. See you soon!

Shaakira White

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