Style Star: Diamond Rollins

In Florida’s capital resides a hidden gem. Soft spoken and incredibly kind- yet fierce. Diamond Rollins is a recent graduate of Florida A&M University where she studied psychology and theatre.

I met Diamond in 2015 when she was participating in a pageant that I happened to be coordinating. She was so quiet that if you weren’t careful, you’d forget that she was there. I was struck by her soft demeanor and presence and I must say, she has made a lasting impact on my life.

Outside of her amazing personality, Diamond is an upcoming trend-setter and model. In helping up-incoming boutiques and businesses showcase their products, she brings a face and aura that is unmatched.

I’m always pleased with her outfit choices but here are just a few of my favorite Diamond looks:


Here, Diamond proves that wearing all black doesn’t have to be boring and dull


Who knew an orange two-piece set could be paired with an orange lip?
During FAMU’s homecoming last year, Diamond put together this fashion forward look. 
This looks gave me so many ‘Clueless’ vibes! I love it!


Effortless and Natural
Saved my personal favorite for last. You can’t go wrong with a red dress!
You can see more of Diamond’s style on Instagram: @10dimesforever

Stay tuned for my next Style Star pick!

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