Style Star: Cardi B

51181f8a88d378cf6950ecc69033f454   If you haven’t been a witness to the amazing year Cardi B has had, we really need to talk about what rock you’ve been hiding under. The self-proclaimed, “regular degular shmegular” girl from the Bronx has accomplished so much in the past months. From being recognized by her idols, winning awards, getting engaged and making history in the rap game, Cardi has been living on a high.

To know her is to love her because she speaks nothing but the truth- very loudly might I add. But outside of that, another reason I have a love for the rapper is because of her amazing style. Here are a few of my favorite looks from Cardi B.


To kick it off, I wanted to showcase these looks her and her sister, Hennessy, wore to the Grammy awards. Both chose dresses with womanly silhouettes and texture.

-Just beautiful.-

Next, let’s get into Cardi’s ensemble for the Marc Jacobs fashion show. She served vintage teas with a 60’s style dress, retro shades, gloves, and fur. The pin-up hair was the cherry on top for this old school look.

The Bronx princess looks GOOD in teal. Cardi wowed everyone when she chose to wear a Cinderella style ball gown to the Diamond Ball (pictured left). At the Tidal Benefit concert, Cardi wore a silk teal dress under a mesh, silk trimmed cover-up.

At the Fenty fashion show, Cardi showed us that she can do street style as well. She opted for distressed denim shorts, a cropped polo style shirt, white boots, and a puffer jacket.


This one is a bit of a throwback, but still a fave. I loved when Cardi wore this graffiti inspired dress and denim jacket. It really showcased the spirit of hip-hop.

I could go on and on about Cardi’s style but I’ll spare you this time. I’m sure she’ll give me more looks to show you all this year, so stay tuned. Also, stay tuned for my next Style Star pick!

Stay stylish, my friends.

You can see more of Cardi’s style (and humor) on Instagram: @iamcardib


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