When the World feels Unbearable…

Today was one of those days.

You know those days that feel exhausting. Not so much physically, but emotionally and mentally draining. Yeah, those. 

Between reading articles of children being separated from the parents at the border and seeing a horrible video of a young man’s lifeless body, I had to find some way to retreat from the woes of this world. I know that everyone’s coping mechanisms are different but if you’re in need of a little help in this age of insensitivity and senselessness, I made a list to help you out.  These are all things that I do, and maybe you can adjust them to your liking.


 1 . Take a Nap

Yeah, you read me right. Grab your favorite blanket, put the phone on do not disturb, and hit the lights. Sometimes all it takes is a quick (or not-so-quick) refresher to get our spirits rejuvenated. Rest.

2. Prayer Journal

At times like this, it can be hard to communicate with the man upstairs. We may think, “what’s the point?” While those thoughts are natural, you should not let these temporary feelings hinder your long-term relationship. When I feel frustrated with God (yes, I feel that way sometimes) I force myself to write in my prayer journal for 5 minutes. Once I start writing I always surpass that time frame and end up getting a lot off my chest in the process. (Bonus: It also helps to see how God has answered your prayers when you look back later on)

 3. Scrapbook

When I took English 1 at FAMU, my professor had us read a book about the relationship between scrapbooking and African-American women. It said that many of us started the hobby because it felt like the only way we could piece our lives together. Today, I grabbed the scissors and glue stick and went to work. It’s also a great way for you to finally get those pictures from 2015 printed from your phone.


 4. Go See a Movie (or stream an old fave)

If your mind is still racing, find a new movie at the theatre. Personally, I’m going to see Superfly and Incredibles 2 sometime this week. But, if the theatre isn’t your style, stream something animated or funny.

5. Meditate/ Yoga

These can seem intimidating at first but don’t let them scare you. Meditation apps like ‘Headspace’ and ‘Relaxing’ are perfect to get you started.

6. Blast a Record (…or bluetooth speaker, no judgment here.)

When I got home the first thing I did was play my favorite album, ‘Rapture’ by Anita Baker on my record player. Even if you don’t have one of those, connect those bluetooth speakers and play whatever feels pleasing to you in that moment… even if that’s Ja Rule from 2004. Like I said, no judgement.

7. Start Re-reading Your Favorite Book

Pull out that old read. Yes, you already know how it ends but maybe this time you’ll run across something that you didn’t catch the first time. Books can be tricky like that.

8. Bike/Walk/Run (something physical)

Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy. *inserts shrug emoji*

But most importantly, acknowledge how you feel. Often times we write off our emotions and feelings as unimportant and attempt to push them to the back of our minds. Stop that. 

Your feelings are worthy of acknowledgment and remember, you are not alone.

From Me to You, Love.


Shaakira White

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