7 Reasons You Should Vote Today

Today is a very important day.

It’s November 6th, Election Day! That means for every citizen of the United States that is of voting age and eligibility, you have the opportunity to be apart of history. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how important this election is for all of us. But just in case you needed an extra push… Here are 7 reasons you should vote today.

  1. You get to show these elected leaders you actually care about what’s going on.

 2. If you’re in Georgia you can help elect the first Black female Governor in the history of the United States. 

3. If you’re in Florida, you can help elect Florida’s first Black governor. 

4. Aren’t you tired of hearing, “the first Black” anything? Yeah, me too. So vote.

5. You’d make your mom proud when you send her a picture of your ‘I Voted Sticker’ afterwards.

6. You owe it to yourself and you’ll feel great leaving the polls.

7. It takes less than 10 minutes so you can go back to binge watching Netflix afterwards. 

Be on the right side of history and vote today!

Shaakira White

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