Short film: ‘Reflection’

Wow. I know I’ve been gone for far too long but it is for good reason.

I’ll be the first to tell you that God works in mysterious ways. This semester of grad school, I took a ‘Gender and Communications’ class to satisfy a course requirement. On the first day of class, the professor informed us that we would have the opportunity to either do a creative project or write a research paper. Although I am a writer, I refused to do a paper so I knew that I’d be doing the creative project instead.

I had my heart set on a short film and instantly had a concept that I wanted to adapt to screen. I wrote and co-directed the short with a classmate (Jamie Parrish) over the course of a weekend. After all the footage was shot, I spent about 4 days editing it all down. It wasn’t until I’d finished editing last night that I pulled out my goal notebook and looked at my goals for 2019 to find that a goal had been to create a short film.

I’m convinced that God gave me an opportunity to do so through this class because he knew I’d procrastinate on it any other way. With that being said, here’s my first short film, ‘Reflection’. I hope you enjoy.

Shaakira White

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