Using your Gifts [Part 1]

You’re home when you hear a knock on your door. You call out, “Who is it?” but there’s no answer. So, you peek out of your door but no one is there. To investigate further, you open the door and spot a box lying on your doorstep but there’s no delivery truck in sight. Picking the box up and holding it to your ear, you shake it lightly to gain a sense of what may be inside. The sounds are solid thumps against the inside of the box; What could it be? You open it and inside there it is.stock-footage-woman-laughing-while-opening-a-gift-box-against-white-background

Something you’ve been waiting for...your gift. When we observe people we draw conclusions about certain things concerning them. When we read Maya Angelou’s poems we knew she had a way with words. When we saw Martin Luther King Jr. speak we knew he had a way of touching you from within to cause you to feel as though everything would be alright one day. Even with people we encounter daily, some can create in us a positive energy just with their presence and some people are great with giving advice. Everyone is different, so it’s only right that our gifts be tailor-made to suit us individually.

I say this to say, there are times when we see other people and ask, “why can’t I speak as well as her?” or “why is it that people don’t flock to me like they do him?”. It’s almost impossible as humans to avoid comparing ourselves to other people. It’s life. But there are things you can do to work on this… We’ll discuss that next time.

“Your gift is your mark on the world.”

From Me to You, Love.

Shaakira White

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