What’s New?

It’s been a while… I know. It’s my last semester in undergrad so I’ve been trying to get adjusted to the idea of my college career ending soon. I’ve been really emotional lately (not that I wasn’t already hyper-emotional before) lol. School has been particularly stressful for me but other than that things are great! I hope that you all are good as well. So, if you didn’t know I started a YouTube channel (*throws confetti*)

It was actually something that I’ve thought about for years but I’ve finally acted on. I have a few videos up if you want to check them out here: My YouTube

I also designed a new shirt! I’ll do a separate post on those. They can be found here: Bossed Up Shirt

Hopefully I’ll start back writing regularly soon but in the meantime, please have patience with me through this period of transition.

-From me to you, Love. 


Shaakira White

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