5 Girl Power Movies and TV Shows

It can be exceptionally hard to find movies where the female role isn’t plagued by some extreme identity crisis particularly centered around the meager “need” of a male companion, daddy issues, or constant comparison to an onscreen rival (as if women can’t coexist without envy of another woman). So, when I find a movie or TV show that doesn’t throughly substantiate all of the afore-mentioned character traits, I’m thrilled to say the least.

In more basic terms, girl power flicks. Those on-screen scripted jewels that leave watchers with a renewed sense of being. Those are my favorite. I love seeing things that uplift women and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves so I made a list.

Here are my top 5 Girl power movies and tv shows…

1. The Devil Wears Prada 


This tale taught us that women, no matter the job position, deal with the same implications. Miranda, a feared head in the fashion industry put out a strong presence but internally battled home struggles. Andy, the new kid on the block, fought conforming into the industry. Both characters taught us that successful women are those that follow their hearts and look good while doing it.

2. Scandal


Anyone who knows me knows how much I loveeeee Olivia Pope. Yes, she makes some questionable decisions when it comes to her love life… but when anyone is in a jam, she’s the one you want to call. And she does it in such a fashionably effortless way, how could you not love her?

3. Gossip Girl

Once you get past the crazy situations that these teenagers more than likely created themselves, this show had a great message. Blair Waldorf was my personal favorite. Although she dealt with many endless trials, this trailblazer was dead-set on creating an empire of her own. Kudos, Blair!

4. Legally Blonde 1 & 2


As if underestimating Elle Woods wasn’t enough the first time. The sequel returns to prove that undermining the intelligence of a woman is never a good idea. Elle fought the heartbreak of losing a boyfriend, suggestions of her being incompetent, and scrutiny for being herself. She proved that no matter what others think, being true to you is an important key to life.

5. Hidden Figures


Lastly, Hidden Figures follows the story of 3 African-American women that were essential to NASA’s space program. For years, they’d been undermined but this film shed light on the segregation and doubt that fueled their fire. Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary are truly American heroes.

And in the words of Elle Woods, “You must always have faith in yourself”. If you ever feel down or discouraged, check out one of these Girl Power flicks.

Love you all!


Shaakira White

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