Practicing the Pause

You may have noticed that the month of April was pretty slow for me.

I didn’t post a blog entry, I barely posted on Youtube, and I wasn’t as active on my social media platforms. My birthday was last month and for some reason I felt different about this one. I didn’t have a big party and I didn’t go out because I wanted the opportunity to practice the pause.

Life is happening all around us but in the times that we’re living in, it can be hard to IMG_3460truly soak in all of the moments because we’re always consumed with something else. We’re thinking about tomorrow before it even comes. We’re scrolling through endless social media feeds of people we have never had a conversation with.

We’re doing everything BUT living in this moment, right here… and that’s the only thing promised to us. The here and now.

So, this month I put the phone down more, I looked up at the sky more often and I took the time out to listen to my own thoughts. This is something that I want to practice from here on out. Whenever I feel like I’m getting too consumed with the outside forces, I’m going to disconnect from things that really don’t mean anything and reconnect with myself… and that’s more important and more valuable than anything.

From Me to You, Love.

Shaakira White

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