Book Review: Vibrant Evolution (The Beauty in Becoming)

Hey Kinfolk!

I have really been slacking on my reads this year. I’m currently reading 3 books simultaneously because I get so bored with one that I pick up another and repeat the process over and over again. (I blame social media and it’s effect on attention spans.)

However, there is one book I have been able to finish reading (and writing in) and that’s Jasmyn Ruja’s new book titled, ‘Vibrant Evolution: The Beauty in Becoming’. The book is a collection of poems, personal stories, letters, and worksheets for the reader.

It begins with an open letter about mental health and its importance – especially to us black and brown folk who are still (sadly) fighting old stigmas. After that, the book is broken up into different sections about varying topics. Purpose, Fear, Pain, Peace and Forgiveness are all topics she briefly covers.

Each topic has an accompanying bible verse and worksheet section in which it is encouraged that you complete. My personal favorite was the forgiveness worksheet. We often think about forgiveness being associated with others but this was all about forgiving yourself. After writing down a list of things I’d been carrying for God knows how long, I stood in front of a mirror (as suggested in the book) and verbally forgave myself for each one of those things.

Another favorite of mine was her section of original poetry. My only wish is that she would have included more because I love poetry. However, I don’t doubt that one day she’ll release a book of poems so I look forward to that.

All in all, I do suggest this to anyone looking for a pick-me-up and self-evaluation tool. Even if you aren’t, it would be fun for you to work on the worksheets because they do force you to go inward and think a little harder about yourself.

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See you in the next blog post! From Me to You, Love.

Shaakira White

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