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  Welcome back to Style Stars! If you recall the last Style Star entry, you may remember the reference to these lyrics: “Watch out world I’m grown nowwww!”

The lyrics are from the intro song to the hit show, ‘Grownish’ but the intro song is from the album of sisters Chloe and Halle. The duo began on YouTube singing covers of hit songs in their room and backyard, sometimes with guitars in hand or piano keyboards present. They soon attracted the attention of Beyoncé (so you can imagine that they’re kind of a big deal).

They have just begun opening for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s OTR II tour and they made their debut acting career on Grownish as twin track stars from the hood. Chloe and Halle have had major dedication to their dreams and that is indeed admirable. What else is admirable about the two? Their style.

Check it out below.

You all know I love to begin with my favorite looks and this one is still near and dear to my heart. The details in these ensembles is truly spectacular. The texture, beading, and cut all helped to make this my favorite look from Chloe and Halle.


Next, take a look at these outfits. Both sisters wore a piece with snake-skin pattern and leather but as you can see they swapped the tops and bottoms, furthering the aesthetic. (and look at that makeup! LOVE.)


At the Black Panther movie premier, the sisters both wore black dresses with sheer detailing and encrusted jewels. #WakandaForever

Speaking of red carpet looks… The picture shown on the left- hands down my favorite gowns I’ve seen them in. They need no explanation because they’re just that beautiful. Pictured right is both sisters in plaid pant suits. As you can tell, they love to coordinate their outfits and the suits still have a touch of youth without seeming too forced.

Since I’ve shown them dressed formally (a lot), I figured I’d show you that they can dress down as well. I love the sweaters pictured on the left (especially with the navy pants) and to the right we see them in cropped tops, baggy pants, and boots. Super cute!

For these two, the sky is the limit and I do believe their futures hold some major accomplishments. Shine on girls and keep being yourselves. See you all in the next blog post!

Stay stylish, my friends.



Shaakira White

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