Book Review: Barracoon (The Story of the Last Black Cargo)

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I hope you’re doing well and drinking an adequate amount of water. Remember in the last book review I was telling you how I’d been slacking on my reading list for the year? Well, the good news is I’m almost on a roll now because I just finished a new book. This one is by Zora Neale Hurston and it’s titled, ‘Barracoon: The Story of the last “Black Cargo”‘.

As you can imagine from the title, the book details the story of the last slave that’d survived the Middle Passage. His name was Kossula Oluale (or Cudjo Lewis). Zora would spend 2 months with him to document his story and the story of so many others just like him who did not live long enough to tell it.

This is not much of a review as it is a plea from me to you, hoping that you will take the time out to read it yourself. We’ve seen so many movies, television shows, and read so many books that weren’t first-hand perspectives on one of the darkest times in U.S. history. I had to put the book down for a day because I was so heart broken at the life he (and so many more like him) had to live.

The book will give you a renewed appreciation for our ancestors and how far we’ve come but also a wakeup call as to how far we have to go.


You can purchase your copy here:

See you in the next blog but in the meantime I’ll be somewhere reading.

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