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IMG_4741ย  Watch out world I’m grown nowwww!ย If you know the show that this now infamous lyric originates from then I’m sure you know who Yara Shahidi is. Star of the Freeform show, Grownish, Yara is a young starlet in the making. After appearing on the hit show Blackish, Zoe’s character got her own spin-off as she made her way to college. (Hence the title, Grown-ISH) The show was a hit and therefore earned a second season for viewers to continue to follow Zoe’s journey of self-discovery in college.

Outside of acting, Yara is an activist, avid reader, and influencer of her generation. She often references James Baldwin as her favorite author and is kind enough to share the current podcasts she’s listening to with her followers. While these are all great, I know you’re here to read about her fashion sense. Yara’s style is delicate, feminine, and conservative which sets her apart from many of her counterparts. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite looks from Miss Shahidi.

Let’s get the party started with the first look. This powder blue Tory Burch suit was Yara’s look for this year’s MTV awards red carpet. The slouch of the pants around the ankles gave the look a more relaxed fit that looked effortless.


I OVER love this look that Yara wore to the Critics Choice Awards. The floor length lavender dress with bohemian vibes and encrusted center featured a high neck and long sleeves. Her sleek hairstyle made way for the dress to do the speaking of its own without taking away from the look.


At this year’s Met Gala, Yara showed up in her Sunday’s best. Soft tiered ruffles with embellishments were fitting for her personality.


I love this dress for many reasons. The top mirroring that of a t-shirt and classic comic book print is a breath of fresh air in this time of active wear and yeezy’s. What made this dress even more interesting is that Angela Davis (civil rights activist) was pictured within the comics.


Queen of layering. Pairing a white button down under a little black dress for maximum style. (pictured left) and my personal favorite, a yellow jogging set with a mustard coat and crossbody bag? You go Glen coco! (pictured right)

I do believe that Yara’s style will continue to evolve as she gets older so I’m excited to see her evolution. Shine on Yara! Also, stay tuned for my next Style Star pick!

Stay stylish, my friends.



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